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Laughter therapy session, laughter yoga or LOL moment

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Women's day celebration. 

Laugh out Loud session (LOL), a contemporary laughter therapy for the corporates. To know more about Hasayoga(sanskrit) signup with us. 


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Corporate YOGA? (YOGA at the workplace)

The beauty of YOGA is, it can be practiced anywhere. only a little space is required and doesn't need any sophisticated equipment. beaking all the myth surrounded in YOGA, that YOGA needs dedicated space and dress code and yoga is practiced only in caves and mountains or need a modern studio.

YOGA can be very well practiced at your workplace and we have different programs, which will keep your mind and body alert and engaged. YOGA helps both in physical and mental fitness

the employees can be very energetic and productive and develop a positive space. thus YOGA keeps one away from stress, anxiety, depression.

it helps both in physical and mental fitness.

Chair Yoga

Using Chair as the prop instead of the mat to practice yoga. so that they can be done while seated in a chair.  This set of exercises help one to improve their mobility and releases the pressure accumulated in joints and varicose veins.  


Each session can be kept crisp, cruising between 10 – 20 minutes

This session can be done in office outfits

Every activity can be done sitting on a chair.

Sessions can be held at any time of day/night.


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YOGAfide on its mission in spreading yoga awarness program for Children and mommies to show them the path of balance and harmony.

After meeting new moms and their children of various habits and culture. we understood some of the problems faced in todays situations and we have worked on few major problems and how can yoga help them.